YIYING DECORATION DESIGN CO., LTD. is a wholly owned subsidiary newly established in Canada by Guangzhou Yiying Decoration Engineering Co., Ltd. Relying on the parent company’s business, YIYING DECORATION DESIGN CO., LTD. is committed to providing superior decoration design and decoration services for homes and businesses in Canada. It focuses on creating houses and environments with unique features, and, taking into account customers’ pursuit of indoor styles and space functions, customizes novel, elegant and comfortable space and renders decoration design consulting services for the locals.

Founded in Feb. 2021, YIYING DECORATION DESIGN CO., LTD. will mainly engage in design and execution of interior and exterior decoration projects, providing customized, professional, formal, first-class and high-quality interior and exterior decoration design and decoration services for families, enterprises, office spaces, etc., and providing customers with one-stop services of design, refurbishment and decoration according to their needs.

On the basis of understanding customers’ requirements for decoration style, materials, living environment, storage space, layout, etc., the company will harness its advantages to integrate the opinions of both sides. We will prepare computer renderings in the early stage, and then communicate with the customer and revise the design repeatedly according to the customer’s opinions. After the final design is confirmed, we will communicate with the customer about the materials to be used before decoration starts. Understanding customers’ preferences and needs is the foundation of customer satisfaction, and our experience will help customers determine the decoration style and make their ideas come true to the greatest extent possible.